In my last post, I recommended anyone interested in rafting the Nile River  in Jinja, Uganda to book with Nile River Explorers. Though are many other options out there, such as Adrift  and  Nalubale,  my experience  with NRE, so that I have details, tips, and tid-bits for those of you looking to make a splash with them. Here you go! Price: $125.00 Whats Included: Transportation to and from Kampala The return bus makes a lot […]

Uganda is a unique country with the heart and diversity of a giant. It provides a taste of all its surrounding countries, with thick rain forests resembling Congo at Africa’s core, vast stretches of lowlands mimicking Tanzania’s Serengeti and Kenya’s Massai Mara, mountainous highlands where silverback gorillas don’t bother to distinguish Rwanda from Uganda, and countless refugee camps to remind you that the country is a work in progress, sustaining itself amidst regional turmoil. “Tourist,” […]

Joanna Sylwester, a fellow female traveler at the end of her world journey shares her experiences at  LawBroad, and was kind enough to spread a little bit of the love here at NavigatingNikki! These tidbits are great, so read carefully! Thou Shalt… 1. Pee Every Chance You Get. You may think that this is a given. But, when traveling, with everything else on your mind, it’s an easy thing to forget. I was recently on a bus […]

Jul 11

No Ordinary Steps

No Ordinary Steps

by Nikki

There are no ordinary steps to recovering from a genocide. None at all. The steps, big and small, meander along an unseen path, until eventually, in hindsight, you can distinguish them as steps. The Kigali Genocide Memorial has steps like this; graves, a resting place for 250,000 and a figurative resting place for the hundreds of thousands of bodies scattered throughout the country in known, and unknown locations. I walked right up to them, confused […]

After landing in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, I made it straight for the sea, sand, and splendor of Zanzibar. The cheapest, and most scenic way to get to Zanzibar is by ferry, so my pockets led the way. The mayhem at the port was foreshadowing for future endeavors at bus stations all over Tanzania, but the smooth sailing ferry calmed me down instantaneously. Two to three hours of ocean, the occasional tuft of sand and […]

Once Upon a Gastrogasm: South Africa’s Neighbourgoods

As if the fashion scene at the Johannesburg Neighbourgoods Market wasn’t awesome enough by itself, the real attraction that brings all of these fabulous people together is the food. Committed to “urban regeneration and the revival of the Public Market as a civic institution,” the multifaceted market, and its purveyors of local delicacies will make you second guess any negative pre-conceived notions about these remarkable destinations, and leave your tummy grumbling too. Check out some […]

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Zambian Detour: Livingstone and Victoria Falls

Livingstone Now, how to get to Livingstone? To hitch or not to hitch? In Choma all of the other volunteers suggester I hitch as well, apparently this isn’t a new phenomenon. Not quite convinced of my own capabilities as an independent hitcher just yet, I opted to take the bus. A $10  set back that I felt I could live with.  Livingstone is one of the southern most towns in Zambia bordering Zimbabwe. The Zambezi […]

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Fashiongasms & Hidden Treasure: Jo’burg Neighbourgoods Market

In the 1990’s Braamfontein suffered the same exodus of business as the CBD just across Mandela Bridge, but is making a huge comeback as an arts/entertainment community of  up and coming youth. Now home to the Neighbourgoods market, it can only get better! After one weekend of fun in the sun with my friend Stephanie I just had to go back for more.  Check out the awesome vibe and equally vibrant people at this Jozi […]

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A Hitchhiking Adventure Continued

We got Lucky just in the nic of time. Literally.  An 18-wheeler stopped ahead of us and put its blinkers on. We ran towards it with out hesitation. Am I really about to do this? What the hell is wrong with me?  Out of breath and looking extra homely Nia works her charm “Hey Boss,” common slang in the area.  “We need to get to Choma, can you take us there? We are volunteers in […]

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