Jun 16

Once Upon a Gastrogasm: South Africa’s Neighbourgoods

by Nikki

As if the fashion scene at the Johannesburg Neighbourgoods Market wasn’t awesome enough by itself, the real attraction that brings all of these fabulous people together is the food. Committed to “urban regeneration and the revival of the Public Market as a civic institution,” the multifaceted market, and its purveyors of local delicacies will make you second guess any negative pre-conceived notions about these remarkable destinations, and leave your tummy grumbling too.

Check out some of the good eats waiting for you in  Cape Town and Johannesburg, courtesy of the Neighbourgoods Market’s  assortment of local artisan producers, gourmet merchants, specialty cooks, and regional farmers.

For this adventure we’ll luxuriating in the sensual pleasures of food from 9am until closing, at 2pm. Lets start with breakfast, shall we?

I had a muffin like this the minute I stepped foot into the oasis that is the the Old Biscuit Mill, home to Cape Towns Neighbourgoods Market. Still warm, fresh out of the oven. It doesn’t get any better than this, does it?

Hell yeah it does! Always in a New York State of Mind, a bagel sent me back home in an instant. Looking like a deli so close, yet an ocean away, the display left me soaring into a home-sick moment. Sinking my teeth into one of these babies quickly quenched my thirst for all things NYC.

Icing on the breakfast cake? Quiche! So yummy, hot, and delicious, screw a diet, give me more of this stuff!

These croissants are whats really going to turn me into a dough girl. Might need to bring a napkin to stop the drooling…

A South African meal isn’t complete without a spirit, and Neighbourgoods Market comes through on this one. At the Johannesburg Market, you’ll find plenty of  local beers and a wine stand where you can buy a bottle and rent a couple of glasses to take to the rooftop and enjoy amongst friends. Can you guess where I was?

First in line to get a bottle of wine! Duh! Photo courtesy of Conner Varin Photography.

The variety of wine in Cape Town is even bigger with Stellenbosch, the wine country only an hours drive away, the options are limitless. You won’t have to work hard to get your buzz on, but be careful, and save room for more food!

For lunch and dinner the options are limitless.  Pizza and sandwiches of every kind are readily available, made fresh, right in front of you.

The incorporation of local veggies means the food is not only fresh, but healthy, totally legitimizing that second glass of wine…just do it.

In Cape Town your coastal, so pair that second (third, fourth, fifth) glass of wine with fish! That’s local too!

OK, I guess thats enough of the big meals for one day, lets move on to samples and small plates.

From chocolate, cheese, and salami to olives, hummus and oysters you simply can’t go wrong.

For a second, I thought I was at home. Tabasco sauce in the house!

The best way to transition to dessert? Chocolate Tasting!!

Bursting at the seams, stuffed with all the goodies at the market, dessert is almost unthinkable, but still a welcomed treat after seeing these bad boys.

The dessert stand where happiness isn’t bought, its tasted.

A day full of fun, hanging out and stuffing your face leaves every market goer with a super sexy muffin top and a smile. I’ve happily traded in diet blues for a day at Neighbourgoods, with the occasional extra pound to prove it.

The food here taste just as good, if not better than it looks, but would you trade in a bikini bod for a gastrogasm? Are there other places in the world that have left you craving another bite after the stretch in your stretch jeans runs out? Sharing is caring so do tell!

For more on the food at Neighbourgoods click here and keep an eye out for even more gastrogasmic treats as I eat my way around the world!


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