Jul 22

The Female Solo Travelers Ten Commandments

by Nikki

Joanna Sylwester, a fellow female traveler at the end of her world journey shares her experiences at  LawBroad, and was kind enough to spread a little bit of the love here at NavigatingNikki! These tidbits are great, so read carefully!

Thou Shalt…

1. Pee Every Chance You Get. You may think that this is a given. But, when traveling, with everything else on your mind, it’s an easy thing to forget. I was recently on a bus in Uganda (for 9 hours) and they did make pit stops, but they were on the side of the road and only for the men! The women on the bus had to specifically request a stop.

2. Recharge. Literally and Metaphorically. Every time you see an outlet, plug something in, because you never know when the electricity will be out. And, remember that as fun as it is to “travel ‘till you drop,” make some time to just be.

3. Read the newspaper. Knowing about the current events of the country you are in is not only a safety mechanism, it is just plain interesting! And, even if you don’t completely understand what the issues are, you learn what questions to ask!

4. Ask Three Times. People will give you directions whether you they know where you’re going or not. In some countries, it’s rude to just say “I don’t know.” Even if someone seems sure, very sure, of where you’re going, ask someone else again….and again.

5. Find Yourself. No really – get a map, and know where you are on it. Where you are going is not nearly as important as where you are.

6. Share. Talking to people is the best way to stay safe, and the best way to learn about the place you’re in and the people around you. The more others think of you as a person and less of an “other,” the better off you’ll be. I personally believe in keeping chocolate, nail polish, playing cards, and photos of your family with you at all times.

7. Look when you leave. My father tried to hammer this into me as a kid and I wish I would have listened then because it’s probably the most valuable habit you can havewhen traveling.

8. Stay Hydrated and Stay Rested. Not only do these things prevent you from getting sick, but they actually help you identify when you are sick. If you know you’re rested, know you’re hydrated, and you still have a headache or feel ill, then there is cause to think twice about how you’re feeling!

9. Be Prepared. Some countries you can wing it. Some you can’t. Either way, it doesn’t hurt to know at least one place you could stay, have at least one phone number (on your charged phone), and even have a back up plan in case something happens.

10. Be Prepared…to completely let go of your plans. Things won’t work out. And, if you have high standards, low expectations, and a smile you can deal with most things in this world.

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