Nov 8

Tips for Rafting with Nile River Explorers

by Nikki

In my last post, I recommended anyone interested in rafting the Nile River  in Jinja, Uganda to book with Nile River Explorers. Though are many other options out there, such as Adrift  and  Nalubale,  my experience  with NRE, so that I have details, tips, and tid-bits for those of you looking to make a splash with them. Here you go!


  • $125.00

Whats Included:

  • Transportation to and from Kampala
    • The return bus makes a lot of stops, including one at the river to pick up any rafters wanting to go back to Kampala the same day. Bring snacks and be prepared for a long wait, you probably won’t make it back before dark; a trade in for the convenience of door to door transportation.
  • All meals for a full day of rafting
    • Be sure to eat the entire breakfast, lunch is more of a mid-day snack on the river consisting of pineapple, crackers, and water.
    • Dinner is a fairly large buffet at the end of the ride. Yes, beer is included, and there’s enough to go around, but snag a couple of your favorites in the beginning, Nile and Tusker run out quickly.
  • One nights stay at the NRE dormitory or camp site.
    • Try to stay at the campsite, there’s a spectacular view of the river, the bar where you’ll undoubtably drink the night away with your fellow rafters, and amazing chiapatti stands just outside the gate that make superb rolexes (even has nutella, banana and honey for a dessert roll!) The stands also provide cooking classes!

Other Tips for booking with NRE:

  • Everything in Uganda is negotiable, if you manage to get a big group of friends together, call in advance to see if you can get a cheaper price.
  • Most people raft once, can’t kick the addiction and end up going again and again. The second trip is significantly cheaper than the first, so get the first out of the way at the beginning of your trip, enjoy the thrill of it, then go back at the end to top off your Ugandan adventure once more!
  • If you book the boat cruise and rafting combo, you have to stay two nights because you can’t do both on the same day. The cruise leaves before the rafters return from the river. The boat cruise is OPEN BAR! So raft hard, and party harder.
    • Though the combo is a great deal, the cruise is largely dependent on how many people sign up. In order to get the most bang for your buck, make new friends, and party with as many other adrenaline junkies as possible, book your rafting for friday, and your cruise for Saturday, or vice versa. You’re more likely to have a full crew on the weekend.
  • That said, it is also best to reserve your dates well in advance if you’ve got your eye on a weekend slot. They can fill up quickly.

 Final Thoughts:

Hang Loose and be flexible. Just as everything is negotiable, it is also subject to change, and most of the time, plans, reservations, and schedules will change. This applies to rafting and travel throughout the country, so just go with the flow. Most situations work out for the best, or even better than you expected when plans fall a part. Consider it an adventure within an adventure.

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