Apr 13


Welcome to NavigatingNikki and thanks for stoping by! You have now entered the alternate universe that is my world. In short, I’m a Texas bred adventurer who LOVES to have a good time. I attempted, and survived (more or less) the nine-to-five lifestyle just long enough to save for a trip around the world, so I’m doing it! NavigatingNikki is your teleport to wherever I am, whenever you want, and a formal invitation to join me as I attempt the unthinkable, a trip around the world, SOLO. I’ll be sharing every little piece of the action with you through videos, posts, and pictures.

But sharing my experience is only half the fun. It’s not everyday that you see an American, an African American, or a female, let alone all three combined venture out into the world alone purely for the joy of it. Whether you represent all, one, or none of these, rarely sited minority’s in the world travelers wonderland, my hope is that you are inspired by my journey, and start planning your own. I’m here to help.

The goal of NavigatingNikki is to demystify the experience of global travel for those who need a little preview before they decide to get their feet wet. I want to show you that EVERYONE can travel the world, not just [insert preferred stereotype] people. Color, culture, and finances do not dictate your ability to see the rest of the world first hand. Determination, planning, and guts do. Like I said before, I’m going to help you see this, and eventually, see yourself in my shoes. If you’re interested in gaining a global perspective, learning about extended travel, how to make it possible, and discussing the rewards and challenges that come along with the road, you’re in the right place.

The Bigger BIGGER Picture

In addition to all of these exciting things, NavigatingNikki marks the first steps towards pursuing my lifes dream: having my own nationally (and internationally) televised travel show, being a published travel writer, and having an around the world travel blog; all set forth with the purpose of inspiring older and younger generations alike to break out of their comfort zones and experience everything the world around us has to offer. Thats right, I’m trying to do it big like my childhood idol, Where in the World is Carmen San Diego?, created to educate our country about the rest of the world after a National Geographic survey revealed that Americans have very little knowledge of geography (Don’t believe me? See for yourself). I’d like to pick up where Carmen left off, touching as many lives as possible along the way.

Carmen and I are on a mission. Can you say "Where in the World is NavigatingNikki?"

It is said that teamwork makes the dream work, so I’m putting together the biggest and baddest team around to make this happen. To be a part of my  dream, and learn how to make your own dreams come true in the process, hightail it to my SUPPORT PAGE. If you have any questions, comments, or feedback, feel free to contact me, contact me, contact me!

To learn more about my travel experience, where I’ve been and where I’m going check out my maps!