Fashiongasms & Hidden Treasure: Jo’burg Market on Main

Johannesburg’s Central Business District (CBD), as the name implies, was once South Africa’s economic pulse, home to all big business during apartheid when it was classified as a Whites only area. When the Group Areas Act that prevented Blacks from stepping foot into the neighborhood was abolished in the 1990’s, the interest of White-owned businesses followed suit, fleeing the area. The CBD’s pearly veneer was lost to unemployment and overcrowding, allowing criminal activity to take center stage. […]

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The Mother Collector

FAQ of the Year: Why are you starting your Round the World Fare in South Africa? Aren’t you from Texas?   This is a tough question to answer without saying, “I love it here, end of story.” In the early stages of planning this trip from home a few months ago I wasn’t  ready to commit to ending my journey in Texas. I’m not  so sure I’ll want this trip to end in a years […]

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