May 18



NavigatingNikki is more than a travel blog, it’s on its way to becoming a world class online resource for learning how to plan and execute your wanderlust dreams as I follow my own dream of having a travel show. Team work makes the dream work, so I’m inviting all of my readers to be part of the dream team! NavigatingNikki accepts any and every type of support you can possibly imagine. Below are a few specific ways you can help.


A trip around the world can be costly, and sharing the experience with you fine folks can be costly as well. From website development and reveling in by-the-minute internet cafes, to reviewing that volunteer program you asked me to check out, those dollars and cents add up. NavigatingNikki has its eye on the bigger picture, and needs your help to make it happen.If you like what you’ve seen, want to see more of it, and want to see this site succeed in reaching its ultimate goal of being the go-to resource for inspiring and planning international travel and exposure, drop a couple of dollars in my coin purse! Your thoughtful donation will go towards website maintenance, travel costs, every aspect of sharing this experience with you, and making this dream a reality.Outside of the very important green stuff, NavigatingNikki also accepts many other types of donations, including: room, board, meals, complimentary tour guides & tours, entry-fee waivers, business card printing, graphic design for marketing materials, travel gear and much much more. Anything that curbs travel costs and contributes to the development of the site is valued and welcomed!

The piggy bank doesn’t discriminate and graciously accepts both big and small donations with a smile.

Please Donate!


A phenomenal way to support NavigatingNikki is to write! NavigatingNikki is a young site and needs to build content like nobody’s business. I’m looking for interesting narratives, travel related how-to’s & tips, and, most of all, destination reviews.

If you’ve gone somewhere recently, want to take a stab at travel writing, have an interesting story, or helpful tips you think the world would know about, share it on NavigatingNikki!

Tell us about where you went, what it was like, and how others can do the same. If you’re interested in doing a series of posts on a specific topic, I welcome those as well! All submissions are subject to review. To find out what to do next, contact me.


We need to get people away from their desks and out into the world. Share NavigatingNikki with everyone you know. Proclaim your love of travel by tweeting, liking pinning, stumbling, sharing, digging, and emailing about it.

You can also Subscribe to the RSS feed to get the latest and greatest places to go and things to see. There are so many ways to get the word out, and every click counts! Outside of social networking, invite your friends to join this experience and see what its like to travel the world. Share your passion by sharing NavigatingNikki.


Every connection is important. I am specifically interested in publicity, spreading the word about NN and meeting interesting people on the ground in every country I visit to bring a culturally informed perspective to readers.

Know a person or publication that would be interested in having me write an article or destination review? Pass my information along! I could sure use the work and exposure; extra cash isn’t so bad either!

If you happen to know a guy who knows a guy that would be interesting to interview, put us in touch! Know someone who owns/works at a non-profit and needs a volunteer? I’m your girl! And, if you know someone willing to house a vagabond from Texas, hook a sister up! Be sure to tell him/her that I’m a good houseguest, and even write thank you notes!

join the team!

Think there’s room for improvement? Do you know of creative and innovative ways to attract even more readers, and take NN to the next level, or help me land my “Carmen San Diego” dream job on television? By all means TELL ME. Your opinion matters, especially if you can back it up with sound advice, insight, and a role in NN’s trailblazing path to the top.

I could sure use some help with marketing, website and content management, business development, capitalizing on what I’ve got so far, and other administrative tasks. If you’re interested in getting involved at a larger level shoot me an email with “Dream Team” in the subject line. I’d love to work with you.

These are just a few ideas of ways to help, but the possibilities are endless. In order to make NavigatingNikki, as big, and even bigger than imaginable, every connection, donation, promotion, and contribution counts, and is welcomed with open arms!