Zambian Detour: Livingstone and Victoria Falls

Livingstone Now, how to get to Livingstone? To hitch or not to hitch? In Choma all of the other volunteers suggester I hitch as well, apparently this isn’t a new phenomenon. Not quite convinced of my own capabilities as an independent hitcher just yet, I opted to take the bus. A $10  set back that I felt I could live with.  Livingstone is one of the southern most towns in Zambia bordering Zimbabwe. The Zambezi […]

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Zambian Detour: The Peace Corps and More

Disclaimer: The Contents Of This Website Are Mine Personally And Do Not Reflect Any Position Of The United States Government Or The Peace Corps. Going to Zambia was never on my itinerary, but became an unexpected surprise. My dad, the expert business traveler, had plans to be in Zambia while I was in South Africa and just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to see his little girl (I swear, no matter how hard I try I […]

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