Zambian Detour: Livingstone and Victoria Falls

Livingstone Now, how to get to Livingstone? To hitch or not to hitch? In Choma all of the other volunteers suggester I hitch as well, apparently this isn’t a new phenomenon. Not quite convinced of my own capabilities as an independent hitcher just yet, I opted to take the bus. A $10  set back that I felt I could live with.  Livingstone is one of the southern most towns in Zambia bordering Zimbabwe. The Zambezi […]

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The Mother Collector

FAQ of the Year: Why are you starting your Round the World Fare in South Africa? Aren’t you from Texas?   This is a tough question to answer without saying, “I love it here, end of story.” In the early stages of planning this trip from home a few months ago I wasn’t  ready to commit to ending my journey in Texas. I’m not  so sure I’ll want this trip to end in a years […]

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