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Where in the World is NavigatingNikki?

My Route Around the World Ok people, I know it looks like I scribbled blue crayon all over a map with my eyes closed. I’ll do my best to be as detailed as possible in explaining the mess above this text. There’s  a disclaimer though: As a sincere vagabond, all plans are tentative, and most certainly will change. Take these statements with a grain of salt, know that the wind may blow me elsewhere…and probably […]

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The Route: South American Tour

For those of you who are new to my travels, this journey actually began in South America last year with the only round-trip ticket I intend to buy for the next year. After parting ways with my old job, I flew to Bogota, Colombia and made my way south along the Pan-American highway, covering Colombia, Ecuador and Peru.  I looped back to Colombia via the Amazon Jungle to catch my return flight in December to be home […]

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